By: Eradj Khaidarov • 14 June 2024

Introducing AskIris: Your 24/7 Home Assistant is Here! 🏠✨

We're thrilled to announce the Beta launch of AskIris, our newest product designed to revolutionize the way homeowners and consumers get their questions answered!AskIris provides instant responses with contextual references to the home builder's policy and ensures compliance with local quality standards. By pulling real-time information from internal training and knowledge bases, AskIris delivers quick and accurate answers without the need for phone calls or emails.The best part? If an issue is flagged as warrantable, AskIris will prompt you to submit a visual warranty ticket. This ensures your issue gets priority and is efficiently triaged into a defect report and trade tasks.Say goodbye to the hassle of back-and-forth phone calls! Discover how you can deploy a 24/7 AskIris assistant and streamline your customer service experience.Reach out to us today to learn more!

Our mission is to simplify the homeowners & home builders customer experience. Let Iris do the work.

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