Virtual Selling Means Better Customers. Here’s How

The fieldwork industry can be a slog sometimes. You get booked on an assignment and show up to someone’s house, half the time not knowing what to expect. Too often, it’s only after you show up do you realize what tools you need - resulting in yet another visit. This kind of back and forth amounts to field workers spending half their days on the road, but getting little done. 

By Luke Krueger

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Virtual Service = Higher Customer Satisfaction

Now more than ever, customers are less concerned about how a problem is solved - they just want it solved. That opens up huge opportunities, especially in traditional industries like fieldwork. For decades, field work looked pretty much the same - someone would drive to your house to fix a problem. But the combination of fieldworkers demanding new technology and customers demanding faster service means field service companies need to think outside the box. 

By Mackenzie Myles

Support your customers remotely at their time of need

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4 Keys To Virtual Sales

1200x600-3For decades, customers wanted to talk to someone in-person, but that’s no longer the case. Where customers used to want the trust that comes with talking to someone face-to-face, now they want solutions to their problems as quickly as possible. On the flip side, field workers are eager to adopt new technology. With those two changes, an opportunity has emerged for field sales to go virtual. 

By Luke Krueger

Field Service Companies; It's Time To Cancel Home Visits

We used to think that the field work industry couldn’t change - that solving at-home problems required an at-home visit - so the industry charged for those services. However, between bloated cost structures and customers getting tired of waiting days for service, we need to make things better. Routing efficiency used to be heralded as the solution to our problems, but the industry has gotten so complex and expensive that bragging about routing efficiency is the equivalent of bragging about good gas mileage after driving off a cliff. The industry has to be willing to make a big change if it’s going to survive. Bluntly: it has to find ways to cancel home visits. 

By Luke Krueger

The 5 mind-blowing stats you didn't know about tech in Field Service.

It’s hard to imagine the field work industry as a high-tech place when the most prominent visual we have is a large van or truck (likely with a ladder on top). The reality, though, is that field workers have a huge technology adoption curve - and even bigger technology needs. Between customer demands for increased speed, contactless service, and the desire to solve problems without having someone come into your home, field service is due for a huge technology revamp. Here are 5 mind blowing statistics that show just how ripe for change the field service industry really is.

By Luke Krueger

You Shouldn't Use Facetime For Work

 The idea of sharing photos, videos, and texts is more mainstream than ever. We upload nearly 100 million photos to Instagram a day and send about 16 million texts a minute. We use WhatsApp, Zoom, Facetime, Facebook Messenger, and a variety of other apps for convenience.  Photo sharing, video chats, and texting have permeated nearly every element of our personal lives, and now it’s starting to creep into our work lives. Using photo and video for work is now the norm - almost expected. This opens up a huge vulnerability, not only for customer data reasons but also for every individual’s right to privacy from their employer. 

By Luke Krueger

Shouldn’t Field Workers Get Purpose-Built Technology too?

In the world of office work, there’s always an ‘app for that’. Field workers, on the other hand, are left with almost nothing for them. Despite regularly being on the road to see clients, handling upselling and cross-selling, and often needing to connect into work after typical work hours, field workers have been forced to hack their way through software not built for the way they work.

By Luke Krueger

Technology Isn’t The Problem in Customer Service. It’s How It’s Built. There is a Better Way.

For utilities, field service, and construction companies, support tickets are more than sending an email. It’s an entire business unit consisting of desk technicians, field technicians, and a myriad of software. But there’s a disconnect: customers just want their problem solved. Unfortunately, the traditional model of house-calls - and the small army of field technicians required for the job - are costing companies millions annually.

By Luke Krueger

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