Person holding phone working on control panelPerson holding phone working on control panel

Effective remote service has arrived

Troubleshoot without the trouble. Amazingly simple remote service puts expertise in your customer’s hands.

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Reduce costs. Increase revenue.

reduction in service cost
reduction in truck rolls
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eliminate wasted trips
reduction in miles driven
increase first fix time

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How it works

ICwhatUC is a customer self-service support tool that uses augmented video to simplify customer-driven, in-home service.

  • Your customer calls you for assistance or an estimate

  • You send an sms message to start a video session

  • With a single tap, you can see what your customer sees through our video interface

  • Add mark-up to videos and guide customers through our AR tools

  • Your entire team can review videos via the cloud-based dashboard

Remote help for everyday situations

Maintenance and repair

Delight customers by solving simple problems with expert guidance over video.

Applications 1
Sales estimates

Acquire new business in minutes without complex scheduling or long trips.

Applications 2
Service training

Leverage your expertise by providing junior technicians real-time access to your experienced team.

Applications 3

Where we help

Customer service

Customer service

  • Simple, one-click access
  • Solve problems in real time
  • Branded customer experience


  • Accurately assess a job in minutes
  • Eliminate long drives
  • Reduce risk with contactless estimates
Field service

Field service

  • Reduce costly field calls
  • Improve your time to resolve
  • Provide customers contactless service

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