ICwhatUC is a support tool that simplifies your customer-driven repairs using augmented video. No download required – just one click for instant connection to any customer.

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One-click access via SMS

No app to download. With a single click from a text to your customers’ mobile device, we create a video connection between the customer and your expert.

Augmented reality

Agents can draw on the live image in real time, easily guiding customers and enabling self-service. This results in quicker issue resolution and a superior customer experience.

Enterprise branding

Customize the video interaction your customers have with your company. Include messaging, post-call surveys and branding for a consistent brand experience.

Customer privacy protection

ICwhatUC is built with security and privacy at its core. Because there’s no app download or registration required, compliance with industry-leading privacy standards and practices are easy for you and your end customers.

Institutional memory

All video calls are archived and available for review, creating an easy-to-access company knowledge centre. You can track your current or previous sessions on the same screen.

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Be amazingly simple

ICwhatUC dramatically simplifies customer-driven repairs across any industry, eliminating costly field calls and solving customer problems in minutes.

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Customer service

  • Simple, one-click access
  • Solve problems in real time
  • Branded customer experience


  • Accurately assess a job in minutes
  • Eliminate long drives
  • Reduce risk with contactless estimates

Field service

  • Reduce costly field calls
  • Improve your time to resolve
  • Provide customers contactless service

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