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Virtual Selling Means Better Customers. Here’s How

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The fieldwork industry can be a slog sometimes. You get booked on an assignment and show up to someone’s house, half the time not knowing what to expect. Too often, it’s only after you show up do you realize what tools you need - resulting in yet another visit. This kind of back and forth amounts to field workers spending half their days on the road, but getting little done. 


Virtual sales, on the other hand, can help solve these issues and land higher quality customers. Not only is virtual sales something customers are comfortable with, but the entire field work industry is begging for new technology. If you’re wondering how virtual sales is any different than doing it in person, here are the three key ways virtual sales helps companies close higher quality customers. 

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1 - Figure out if you even want the job

The reality is not every job will be a fit for you. Or you simply won’t want to take some jobs for a variety of reasons. With a secure video platform you can quickly assess the scope of the job live with a prospect. From there, you can send the video to your colleagues to ensure that the job is properly scoped and you’re prepared for it. That lets you send quotes significantly more quickly to customers, helping to close more business with virtual sales


Deep Cleans, a Toronto-based cleaning company, uses this precise method. Leveraging ICwhatUC’s AR video technology, the company can easily scope out jobs and make sure there are no miscommunications.

2 - Qualify more leads

If you’re stuck driving half the day to house visits, your qualifying process gets slowed down. Not only could a house visit run over, but you waste all that time driving. With virtual sales, you can qualify significantly more potential customers in the same amount of time. 


Days Paint, a commercial paint supply company, noticed that on-site visits were dragging down their qualifications process. A new digital marketing campaign had brought tons of new leads, but their old process didn’t afford any time to qualify the prospects. Using secure video on ICwhatUC, the Days Paints team was able to qualify 3-times as many prospects in the same amount of time as before, leading to expanding the business (in the middle of the COVID pandemic, no less). 

3 - No wasted home visits

Sometimes, you can’t fully scope something out virtually and you have to do a home visit. That’s ok - it happens. With a virtual call first, you can spend the time gathering all requirements for a house visit. That could mean the right equipment, knowledge, or bringing along a relevant colleague. Regardless, that means a more efficient home visit with a higher chance of closing the deal. And if you’re using virtual service to replace home visits with other customers, chances are you can schedule any necessary visits much more quickly. 


With virtual sales, the only thing you’re removing from the sales process is the drive. You still get to engage with people face to face (albeit on camera) and see the potential project with your own eyes. Now that customers are more comfortable with technology, businesses are reaping the rewards. ICwhatUC users, for example, report an 8% bump in sales when they go virtual - and customers love the convenience. 


Support your customers remotely at their time of need

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