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The secret to closing more field service customers

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The majority (78%) of people buy from the service provider who responds first, according to a Lead Connect study. That’s a huge opportunity to close business simply by showing up. However, this presents a challenge in the field service space when driving to a site is part of your sales process. To take advantage of the speed opportunity - closing more business simply by responding first - field service companies need to leverage video technology. 

Truck rolls are a costly sales problem

Many field service companies are working hard to update old systems, one of them being digital advertising. However, they are losing out on wait times. A study by Drift found that there’s a 10x decrease in your odds of making contact with an online lead if it’s been longer than five minutes. People want immediate results, especially when they fill out forms online. 

This creates a sales problem. A lot of deals need a technician to see the area before they can respond to a customer inquiry. But even if someone got on the road the second a request came in, travel time alone would create an uncomfortably long wait time. In the past, you could get on the phone and talk through the problem, then book a time to see the issue. However, consumers have little patience for waiting anymore - and if you don’t respond, they will go to your competitor. And with the average truck roll costing a few hundred dollars, you end up paying money to lose a sale.

Use video for fast sales responses

You shouldn’t have to run a truck roll just to close a deal. Instead, use video and other virtual sales tools that help you close deals quickly. Here are four ways that video helps you sell more quickly (and save money in the sales process):

1 - Set up a queue: Queue calls so that any available technician can hop on, giving customers a clear digital line to wait in so they stay engaged. As you scale your digital channels, you can have a team of technicians ready to answer calls throughout the day.

2 - Work collaboratively: Add another technician or specialist into the call immediately so you can get a second opinion on the project in real-time. This way you can capture additional customer needs, potentially resulting in a much higher revenue per customer.

3 - Be more prepared for the job: Before going on site, video chat lets you see exactly what tools and materials you need for the job, which improves customer satisfaction and first-time fix rate. It also saves you time and money from not needing to do additional truck rolls.

4 - Don’t waste time on bad leads: With video, you can qualify a lead (and convert the good ones) significantly faster than someone who has to drive out to a site for a manual inspection. This not only lets you focus your time on great customers, but it saves you the wasted time of driving out just to discover a lead is a bad fit and you shouldn’t take the deal.

Don’t lose in the final sprint

You work hard to build your brand and business. So when you think about growth and lead generation, don’t lose out in the final moments. Customers who reach out online want to engage with you, but you can’t have a digital lead generation process flowing into a manual, time-consuming qualifying process. Instead, leverage purpose-built video tools that help field service companies move at the speed that customers want.

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