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How Kodiak provides a safer, more convenient service to their residents using ICwhatUC

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Increasing safety through virtual assistance has quickly become a top priority for many home service providers, especially as COVID infection rates are once again rising across the country. 

Kodiak Property Management Ltd., an experienced and trusted property management company based out of Regina, solves challenges that face many property owners and residents. Recently, one of the more pressing challenges has become reducing the amount of in-person contact between their technicians and their residents.

They believe that their clients and residents are entitled to the same level of safety and comfort as they would expect for their own families, and this belief has driven them to search for more remote service delivery options.

Kodiak recently signed a deal with ICwhatUC that will enable them to provide more of their services virtually. ICwhatUC is a visual work platform that connects technicians to their customer through AR-enabled video calling, ensuring a seamless connection that requires no app download.

This value-add aligns well with their technology-based approach to property management and, in a world where consumers are accustomed to on-demand services, brings a superior level of efficiency and convenience to owners and residents alike.

“Using ICwhatUC gives us a unique opportunity to easily connect to our residents and resolve issues quickly, the first time,” says Trent Fraser, Kodiak CEO. “Offering a virtual option allows us to reduce in-person contact between technicians and residents where possible, and speeds up the issue resolution process.”

Kodiak’s main goal in implementing ICwhatUC is to resolve more issues the first time for each of their residents, rather than having to make two separate trips to triage and fix the issue. With an added virtual triage step, their property managers and maintenance teams are able to show up to customer calls prepared with the right equipment to resolve the issue the first time around. 

“Not only does it allow our residents to remain uninterrupted in their own home, but it provides a more convenient service model than trying to connect through FaceTime or Zoom, where we always ran into software and device connection issues,” says Fraser. 

“With ICwhatUC, we send them an SMS and connect immediately. We’re able to remove the hassle involved in an app download and account creation.”

Between booking available time slots and in-person triage, the traditional ‘home visit’ system results in a more drawn out service delivery process. New technologies like ICwhatUC provide a valuable opportunity for service-based businesses like Kodiak to shift their business model to better meet changing customer expectations and maintain their superior standard of service.

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