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ICwhatUC Signs Exclusive Reseller Agreement With Deloitte

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ICwhatUC and Deloitte LLP in Canada (“Deloitte”) are pleased to announce an exclusive reseller agreement that will see both companies work together to support the Power and Utility Sector.


As customer expectations continue to evolve, this relationship will create awareness and help the Power and Utility Sector to provide virtual service in delivery processes, improve safety and significantly reduce costs, and carbon emissions.


ICwhatUC deploys industry-leading augmented reality (AR) enabled video connectivity between service companies and their customers, supporting a range of service scenarios that enables safe and efficient virtual service, instantly.


Deloitte, a member firm of the world’s largest professional services firm, is positioned to work with ICwhatUC and potential utility clients on their strategy, change management, integration, and implementation of large scale ICwhatUC rollouts throughout Canada.


“Our goal is to give field service workers fit for purpose software that is built with their work in mind,” says Luke Krueger, co-founder of ICwhatUC.  “As service departments strive to optimize everything they do, the days of rolling a truck each time are over; virtual and visual is the new normal, even for field teams. This is a major opportunity for organizational transformation, and in terms of driving exponential organizational change, Deloitte is the perfect fit.”


“Utilities throughout the country are experiencing cost pressures and when their costs rise, these increases are eventually passed along to Canadian customers and negatively impact shareholders,” says Anthony Hamer, the national leader of Deloitte Canada’s Power and Utility Practice. “The ICwhatUC technology provides utilities with a potentially impactful means of managing some of their greatest costs. We are delighted to be working with ICwhatUC in advising clients across the industry.”

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